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Spoken Poem: Ascension

Max  0:01


I first learned of God in my parents home.

The God my mother spoke of was kind and caring, he wrapped us in his warm embrace and filled our space with fatherly love.

I next heard of God in the classroom.

Our teachers told us stories of a mighty God, we sang songs of an omnipotent awe-inspiring God.

It seemed that as I grew so did God's expectations of me.

It felt as if his love became conditional.

Educators began to paint a picture of a punishing, judgmental God.

A God that belonged to the men who spoke in his name and professed to know all that God was. Resentment crept up on me like Autumn in August, as doubts and reservations accumulated like cobwebs in the corners of my mind.

I saw a society that passed judgment on God's behalf over trivial matters that God never asked about.

The growing divide between God and I was driven further by people who sinned righteously out of thinly veiled prejudice and hate.

I freed myself from the shackles of the human forged rules that held my feet to the earth and so I flew to the skies.

In the heavens, I met a God who is caring and kind. They wrapped me in their warm embrace and filled my space with gentle, unconditional love.

The God that I know is mine alone and I hold them close inside my soul.


Levi  1:20

Cool. Thank you for sharing.


Max  1:23 


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