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On Trans Art And Subjectivities

A note from Levi

Beginning in the summer of 2022, I moved into an apartment in

New York City – the first time I had lived there

since my family moved to the suburbs in 2003, when I was 3 years old.

As a newly out trans person seeking community and a deeper sense of place,

I aspired to facilitate a collaborative, creative oral history archive

of trans people, ages 18-28, living in (and/or from) New York.


I sought out participants through social media (particularly Lex) 

as well as my own queer & trans networks. Over the course of the summer,

I began to build connections and eventually friendships with

Alex, Angelo, M, Max and Zai, the individuals who – alongside myself –

created the archive you are viewing today. We spent time together over the course of the summer and year, whether picnicking in Central Park; getting boba in the Lower East Side; attending music release parties; browsing Barnes and Noble;

and lounging on benches in Riverside Park, overlooking the Hudson River.

We talked about our lives and experiences as trans people from New York,

roamed the city and bantered about random thoughts or interests.


I facilitated the interviews you will find in this archive – though it is important to say that these interviews were ultimately shaped and made possible by the investment and emotional labor of each interviewee. We also engaged in art and creative writing to contribute to the project. I hosted collaborative art-making sessions with M & Max. While not everyone was able to participate in collaborative art-making, individuals contributed personal artwork as well.


This website is the cumulation of the relationships built, histories shared and boundless creativity that emerged over the course of several months.

I created this website, and my subjectivities are infused into its contents, as well as the contents of the entire project, which is something I do not shy away from. 

It was an honor to meet and get to know Alex, Angelo, M, Max and Zai

and I thank them for their trust, vulnerability and friendship.

While I facilitated this project, and I recognize my power in shaping it,

I am one participant within a group of 6, incredibly dedicated trans folks who created this history. I am so thankful for everyone involved.

This project has made me feel seen, safe and in-community.

M suggested we open up a space to showcase trans artwork not only from the 6 oral history participants, but from trans people across New York. The final page on this website, titled "Showcasing Trans Artwork," will embody this idea. Thank you to all the trans folks who contributed artwork to this page.



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