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Zai (He/Him) is a 23 year old Trans male musician, designer and model born and based in New York City. His brand “BEYOND” is set to launch March 2023, and new music is currently in the works. Stream his single, "The Purge," by clicking on the Spotify link.

Zai's Socials:

Date of Interview: January 4, 2022

Location of Interview: SoHo

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BEYOND is a bespoke atelier launching this Spring by Trans people, for Trans people. All pieces are handmade in New York by a Black Trans second generation New Yorker (@kxngzaire).

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Levi  00:00

So the first question is, what is your name?


Zai  00:04

My name is Zai.


Levi  00:06

Yeah, I'm Levi. And then what is your age?


Zai  00:10

I'm 23 pronouns he/him.

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