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Max (they/them) is a 28 year old nonbinary person from NYC. They love to dance, have a passion for cooking, and can probably (definitely) beat you at bananagrams.

Date of Interview: July 28, 2022

Location of Interview: Max's home

Levi 00:05 Do you know what day it is? Max 00:06 It is the 28th. Levi 00:08 Okay, July 28 2022. Here with [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]. 321. *Clap* Okay. We can also keep doing easy questions now that we're recording if that would make you feel more comfortable. Max 00:28 No, I'm good. Levi 00:29 Okay Max 00:29 Yeah.

Max 00:01 Ascension. I first learned of God in my parents home. The God my mother spoke of was kind and caring, he wrapped us in his warm embrace and filled our space with fatherly love. I next heard of God in the classroom. Our teachers told us stories of a mighty God, we sang songs of an omnipotent awe-inspiring God. It seemed that as I grew so did God's expectations of me. It felt as if his love became conditional.

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