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Angelo (he/him) is a 20 year old transmasc, trans guy, trans man, guy, boy, male individual, human of the male gender, little creature, etc, etc.  He's originally from New York. Animals bring him joy, and New York City holds deep meaning to him because, according to Angelo, it is “the only place that has any semblance of urban planning that makes sense for human beings to live in.”

Date of Interview: August 19, 2022

Location of Interview: Riverside Park

Levi  0:00  

Okay interview with Angelo in Riverside Park. July no August 19. 


Angelo  0:10  



Levi  0:11  

2022. Normally you clap for like syncing audios.


Angelo  0:17  

I can't [Levi claps] because it'd be really loud. 


Levi  0:19  

Yeah. Okay.


Angelo  0:20  

You can clap. 


Levi  0:21  

I did. Okay, so starting question. What is your name?

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