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Levi is a 22-year-old transmasc person, born in New York City and raised in the suburbs of New York. They love to write poetry, play the drums and bask in the sun. This summer, Levi lived in New York City and facilitated Trans Art and Subjectivities. This page encompasses their own artistic inner-life and reflections on the facilitation of this project.

Date of Reflections: June 2022 - April 2023

Location: Morningside Heights & the suburbs of New York

My body splits in half,

Yawning open,

The quest to face the ground

And the sky 

At the same time...

While the terms of the project may have changed over time, its essence and core values remain the same. I aspired to foster community and produce a collaborative, creative archive of trans people, including myself, who were living in (and/or from) New York City. 

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