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Alex (they/he) is a 22 year old transmasc/ genderqueer person from New York. They like cooking for their loved ones, caring for plants, and birdwatching. They are currently actively learning how to reconnect with their childhood and cultural heritage as a young adult.

Date of Interview: February 11, 2023 

Location of Interview: Zoom

Levi  0:00  

I have a couple of like, fun questions that we can answer if you want. 


Alex  0:04  

Oh my god, please. Yeah. Why don't we start with those?


Levi  0:07  

Yeah. Okay. Can you just introduce yourself in whatever way you'd like?


Alex  0:13  

Cool. Yeah. I'm Alex. My pronouns are they/he. I am 21 going to be 22 in [REDACTED] days...

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